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E-mail FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

All staff and students are given a Brewton-Parker College email address. Please use this address as it will be the most reliable way to communicate with your Professors and you will receive campus-wide emails that contain information for all students.
Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please read these if you are having problems with your email account. If reading the questions do not help and you are still having problems, please contact the Help Desk at 583-3119.

How long will my email account be active?

Your account will be active as long as you are a student at Brewton-Parker College. Once the student has graduated or for any reason left Brewton-Parker College, the email account will no longer be active.

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Can I access my email if I'm not at BPC?

Yes, you can check your email from any computer by going to and clicking on ‘BPC email’ from the bottom row of links in blue. Next, click on the button "Brewton-Parker College Email" from the Technology page. A pop-up window will appear on the screen, where you will enter your name and password.

You may also be asked for a domain name. If so, the domain name is bpc.

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Help! I can't log in. What's the problem?

There might be several factors that keep you from logging in.

Are you sure you're using the right password and login id for email?
Check that the CAPS LOCK key on your keyboard hasn't been pressed and try again. Passwords are case-sensitive.
The problem could be with your machine, or with the network settings, if you are on campus, or it may be more general.
(Mount Vernon Campus users only) follow these instructions once to update your network settings and then log in normally.
Check that all the cables at the rear of your computer are undamaged and properly connected. If the cables are OK contact the helpdesk at 583-3119 for further advice.

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My email account says that it is closed. How do I re-open my account?

If you are getting this message after you log in then it means that your account is full and that you will not receive any new emails until you have reduced the number of emails you have. Make sure to delete any emails you don't need, esp. with large attachments. Also remember to remove any emails from your other folders including the Sent Items and empty the Deleted Items Folder.

Can more than one person use the same computer for their email?

Yes, more than one person can use the same computer to check their email. One example of multiple users would be the computer labs at BPC. The only precaution that you need to take is to make sure that you completely close your browser. This w ill prevent another user from getting into your email.

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Help! I've forgotten my password. What can I do?

Technology Services keeps a list of all passwords and can look yours up for you so that you will be able to log into your email account. Come to the Help Desk in Technology Services with your student identification and we'll look your password up for you. Technology Services is located at the Jordan Building. If you are off campus, please call the Help Desk at 912-583-3119.

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Can't I just use my existing Hotmail (or other external email) account?

Yes, but you will not receive your school related email. It is preferred that you use a BPC address and this will allow you to retrieve emails that you would not receive otherwise. These emails may help you with information about BPC activities or other BPC functions. The BPC address should also be used for any online classes you might have at BPC.

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Can I forward my BPC email to a non-BPC account?

Students can forward email from a BPC account to a non-BPC account by simply selecting the forward option on the email and typing in the non-BPC email address, and pressing send.

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Here are several of the tools you will need to know to keep your inbox cleaned out.

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What happens when my mailbox is full?

When your mailbox becomes full, the following steps occur automatically:

Warning messages telling you that your mailbox is full are forwarded to your inbox.

If mailbox storage continues to grow, your mailbox will be closed until you reduce the number of messages stored there. In other words, you need to delete or save your messages onto a floppy disk. Warning messages are still sent out daily. You can still log in and read or delete messages but you can’t do much else until you reduce the storage below the limits.

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How do I keep my inbox from exceeding the limit?

For every email message you send, a copy of the message is stored in your ‘sent items’ folder. Over a period of time this folder can become quite large. This folder size is included in your total storage, so be sure to regularly check and clean out this folder.

Keep in mind that whenever you delete messages from the ‘sent items’ folder they will be moved to the ‘deleted items’ folder and are still included in your total mailbox storage. Now empty the ‘deleted items’ folder. Do this on a regular schedule and your mail box should not fill up. A good practice would be to empty the ‘deleted items’ folder when you finish using your email.

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What is the quickest way to clean out my inbox?

To quickly generate more space it is recommended that you first remove emails with large attachments as soon as possible

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Can I save my emails in case I need them later?

Yes, you can save email to a disk (floppy, or CD-RW media). Attachments have to be saved as a separate item. Saving email to disk can allow you to keep the email indefinitely and will prevent

your email account from being to full.

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Need HELP?

Assistance in using BPC Email is available from the Help Desk - Call 583-3119. When calling please include as much information as possible to help expedite a resolution to your problem -- include any login errors, specific problem descriptions, browser type, your operating system, and any error messages.

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