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Students participating in the External Programs Division are subject to the policies and regulations of the college as stated in the catalog. Therefore, students should become thoroughly familiar with the Financial and Academic Policies and other college regulations. There are a few policies which are not applicable to External Programs students. These policies are:

  1. Regulations concerning the use of dormitories do not pertain to off-campus students residing in their domicile.
  2. Students attending classes off-campus are not required to register their automobiles.
  3. Off-campus students are not required to attend chapel.

Other than these exceptions, all policies and regulations are enforced.

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All students will be assigned to advisors based on their proposed majors or to general advisors if their objective is undecided. Advisors help plan and approve students' programs prior to registration.


Students are strongly encouraged to be prompt and attend all scheduled classes. Since many External Programs classes meet only one night per week, it is easy to accumulate excessive absences.  College policy permits instructors to set the attendance policy for their classes. Students should check with the course instructors concerning specific policy implementation.

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Most off-campus classes are presented in school buildings belonging to local school boards with the consent of a local board. It is expected that students will display conduct becoming adults while attending External Programs classes. Specifically, the following policy is enforced regarding student behavior while attending classes.

  1. No smoking in the classroom or building unless it is marked "Smoking Area." Students smoking outside the building should insure that all cigarettes, etc. are properly extinguished and disposed of.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

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The External Programs classes are offered in a variety of formats that include attendance once a week, twice a week, evenings, days, or weekends on 4 week, 8 week, or 16 week schedule. Courses are also offered online and in a mix of onlne and face-to-face classes. The length of class meetings or number of class meetings will vary depending upon the type of course being offered and semester hours carried.  External Programs provide college level instruction primarily to non-traditional students. Many of who are older, work full-time, have a Family and a household, in addition to their newly acquired responsibilities in education. As a result, there exist within the student the constant tension to balance these responsibilities. Sometimes a sense of "over-load" will entice them to appeal for a reduction in academic rigor. We serve neither the College nor the student well if we make such alterations. Cheating on quality or content, even with consent of the one being cheated, is still cheating and all who participate experience a sense of being tarnished.

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Students wishing to take a regular college course through Directed Independent Study must meet the guidelines listed below. The student' s advisor must complete an Independent Study Request form verifying that the student meets all guidelines for an Independent Study and that the advisor recommends that the student be permitted to take a course in this manner. The criteria for taking a course by independent study includes but is not limited to the following.

  1. The student must be a full-time Brewton-Parker student classified as a junior or senior lacking no more than 45 semester hours in his/her Bachelor's degree program.
  2. The course must be one required in the student's degree program and there must be no other opportunity to take the course before completion of degree.
  3. The course must be one which can be taught by independent study.
  4. An approved instructor of the course must agree to teach it.
  5. These guidelines apply to on-campus and off-campus students alike.
  6. The college does not offer Directed Independent Study courses to transient students.

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Schedules may be changed after classes begin each semester during the drop/add period published in the College calendar if such changes are approved by the advisor and instructor.

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Students may officially drop and add courses through the designated date published in the college calendar. A course is officially dropped or added by completing a course drop request form, obtaining the required approvals, and depositing it in the office of the Registrar or by completing the drop/add process on campus web.  In cases of withdrawal from a course after the drop/add period, the

instructors involved will determine whether the grades assigned are to be "WP" or "WF", depending on whether students were passing or failing the course at the time of the withdrawal. No students are permitted to selectively withdraw officially from a course in the final two weeks of classes for that course. Students who withdraw unofficially are subject to the penalty of failure for excessive absences.

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Students voluntarily withdrawing from school must consult the Registrar so that official withdrawals can be made. Students failing to do so may receive failing grades and be ineligible for refund of any portion of their fees.  Students who withdraw from school before the last day of registration for the semester will receive no grade. Those who withdraw after this date will receive a grade of "WP" if they are passing; "WF" if they are failing.  Students who drop out of class without officially withdrawing are  subject to being withdrawn by the Provost's office. Students withdrawn in this fashion should expect to receive "F" grades.

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Students who plan to graduate must do the following:

  1. Submit a declaration of intent to graduate and complete a graduation check list by the end of the fourth week of the term prior to the last term of attendance. This is done in the Registrar's office.
  2. Complete an application for graduation and pay required graduation fee by February 15 of the year of anticipated graduation.  Graduation will be held once a year at the end of Spring Semester.  Students who finish the requirements for graduation at the end of any other semester will be included in the succeeding year's graduation.

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